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What Are the Benefits of Calling Fire Damage Restoration Professionals?

10/10/2020 (Permalink)

closeup of section of a fire truck When the fire trucks leave your damaged property in Manhattan--SERVPRO is ready for the cleanup and restoration, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO Helps Manhattan Property Owners Save Time and Money with Premier Fire Cleanup and Restoration

Property owners in Manhattan know they can rely on SERVPRO technicians when their property is damaged by fire. Our restoration professionals work hard to stop further harm and begin the restoration process quickly. By working to restore rather than replace whenever possible, our team can help customers save time and money.

What Should You Expect When You Call SERVPRO?

SERVPRO technicians are trained to respond swiftly to Manhattan fire damage emergencies. We know that fast action is the key to mitigating the fire loss. Here are some of the first steps we take when called to a property requiring cleanup and restoration.

  • Respond to your questions and concerns
  • Determine the extent of the fire damage
  • Test materials to determine what can be restored to pre-fire conditions
  • Discuss the results with you and your insurance adjuster
  • Obtain signed permission to begin the restoration process

We understand the stress that a flareup causes, and with many years of experience, we treat you with empathy even as we work to simplify the claims process. We are not an insurance company but expedite the process as much as possible. Communication is key. Let's get you back to your daily routine as quickly as possible.

What if Your Property Incurred Secondary Water Damage?

Because NYC firefighters respond to around 2,000 fires per month, our Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) can deal with water damage resulting from the extinguishing efforts. Our crew receives cross-trading in many aspects of restoration services.

SERVPRO technicians use advanced equipment to extract water and dry all wet materials and contents. All mitigation efforts can work simultaneously.

We provide restoration efforts from the first visit to the final walkthrough to ensure total customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make you feel, "Like it never even happened."

When you have a fire at your property, trust the fire cleanup and restoration to us. Contact SERVPRO of Upper West Side at (917) 498-1362.

Can Homeowners in Manhattan Prevent Kitchen Cabinet Water Damage?

10/10/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home SERVPRO of Upper West Side prevents structural and property losses so that your home can look, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Technicians Perform Thorough Water Removal Services For Manhattan Properties

Kitchens are one of the most vulnerable areas in any home when it comes to water damage. A small leak in the under-sink kitchen cabinet of your Manhattan condo can escalate quickly into mold growth, unpleasant odors, and costly damage to kitchen cabinetry, drywall, and even subflooring.

SERVPRO performs water removal for Manhattan residents at any time of day or night, including weekends and holidays.

How Can Homeowners Minimize Under-Sink Kitchen Cabinet Water Damage?
    •    Water-resistant mats. Thick, non-porous mats can be purchased to cover the bottom panel of your kitchen sink cabinet, which is one of the most vulnerable areas for water damage.
    •    Water leak sensors. Sensors that attach to a centralized system like a phone app can catch water damage in its earliest stages to prevent costly damages from accumulating over time.
    •    Water-resistant paint. A coat of water-resistant paint or finish, can minimize the amount of water that penetrates surfaces, which can contain the damage to your cabinetry.

Can SERVPRO Tools Remove Water Damage Odors?
SERVPRO technicians rely on both sanitation and dedicated deodorization tools to mitigate odors. However, these cleaning solutions and deodorizers can have even more benefits for your home, including the following:

    •    Odor control efforts minimize the presence of microbes, which can contribute significantly to water damage odors. EPA-registered biocides are effective for remediating mold.
    •    Odor control technicians (OCTs) can deploy HEPA-filter air scrubbers that eliminate 99.97% of odor-causing particles down to sizes as small as 0.3 microns.
    •    High-powered ventilation box fans can circulate air at rates as high as 3,200 cubic feet per minute dozens of times before and after deodorization to significantly improve indoor air quality while returning your home to a clean and dry condition.

SERVPRO of Upper West Side prevents structural and property losses so that your home can look, “Like it never even happened.” Call (917) 498-1362 for rapid-response disaster cleanup.

How Can a Mold Outbreak Get Cleaned Up?

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

"Mold, fungus, mildew" If mold is left unchecked, it can spread very quickly. Contact our IICRC certified mold damage remediation team for an assessment today.

Your Upper West Side Commercial Space Deserves Efficient Mold Damage Remediation – Call SERVPRO Today!

If your commercial space is a structure built many years ago, then mold may be more of an issue than you think. Frequently, when the ventilation system isn't entirely up to par, and there is a great deal of humidity with high temperatures, it can turn into a breeding ground for harmful mold spores. Whenever you suspect that you have a mold or mildew infestation, calling in the help of trained professionals ensures your Upper West Side property gets back to regular faster.

When you contact SERVPRO to assist with mold damage in the Upper West Side, you can count on our professional mold remediation services. We have crews on stand by and ready to handle any of the mold issues you may encounter at your facility. With the knowledgeable IICRC-certified technicians on our staff, we have the training to handle a broad range of situations. 

Time is always of the essence whenever mold and microbial growth is suspected. Our team takes care of your structure so that all employees and visitors can enter your facility safely. With our detailed planning for remediation, we inspect your property and assess everything to ensure health and safety. We also put together any technical reports for you to use if an insurance claim is involved. Depending on your business's nature, SERVPRO can also pack up contents and have them stored throughout the remediation process so that we can efficiently clean any areas impacted by mold.

Why Call the Experts for Mold Remediation?

No matter the mold outbreak's cause, we have skilled technicians that execute a comprehensive mold remediation plan. Steps used to eliminate the issue include:

  • Finding the mold as well as the moisture source feeding it
  • Assess all damage brought on by mold
  • Isolation and containment while using physical barriers or options like negative air pressure – this helps prevent the spores from spreading
  • Mold removal with the help of EPA-registered antifungal and antimicrobial treatments
  • Disposing of any porous materials infested with mold
  • Thorough cleaning of contents as needed, followed by sanitization and deodorization
  • Repair and reconstruct any damaged areas of your Upper West Side commercial space

It is important to note that you should never try to handle mold remediation on your own. Trained technicians understand best practices for handling and solving mold issues within your commercial location. We quickly work to eliminate your mold outbreak so that it does not spread into other areas of your building. Once you hire the professionals for the cleanup, you can rest assured that everything gets done the first time correctly. 

You will notice that we never leave anything to chance, so our technicians are always outfitted with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). All of the techs on our team have been through detailed training and understand how to approach mold colonies safely. Should we suspect mold has gotten into your HVAC system or air ducts, we also have specialized methods and equipment to ensure everything gets cleaned out safely and effectively.

What is the Best Way to Prevent Mold?

Once you know how mold grows and festers, you can learn how to keep it from coming back again. There could be numerous factors that brought on the mold growth with most common areas, including:

  • Carpeting: Entry rugs for your building and any carpeted areas can harbor moisture from shoes or spills.
  • Kitchens and Employee Lounges: Freezers, refrigerators, and kitchen plumbing can lead to leaks and excess moisture buildup.
  • Entry Points: Windows and doors to your commercial space can let in humid air from the outside that brings on condensation.
  • HVAC Systems: When a problem arises with your HVAC equipment, such as the compressor lines, vents, or drain pans, mold growth may become an issue.
  • Trash Receptacles: When left un-emptied for some time, trash bins might turn into a source of unwanted moisture.

Why is Mold a Hazard?

When mold begins to contaminate your commercial space, it can overtake a range of areas. Mold thrives on damp or wet surfaces, including:

  • Wood
  • Drywall
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Carpeting
  • Wallpaper
  • Insulation materials, and more

Once there is excess moisture within any given space, or the relative humidity becomes too high, mold begins to colonize rapidly within 48 hours. Because it can bring with it potential health effects and pose a threat to your property's structure, you need to have the pros begin cleanup and remediation right away. Once you start to see any signs of mold or mildew, SERVPRO can come in to start the assessment and leave your commercial space, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Upper West Side is the team to call when you want prompt, reliable mold damage repair. Contact us for emergency service by calling (917) 498-1362, and we will send our Green Fleet out within hours.

Recent Storms Caused Flooding at the Ground Level of My Building, Now What?

9/12/2020 (Permalink)

infrared camera imaging a wall SERVPRO checks a wall in an Upper West Side unit after a flooding event. We leave when the place is dry, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Can Handle Emergency Calls to the Upper West Side to Begin Prompt Flood Damage Cleanup

If flooding from the street after a storm brought water into your first level, you need to act fast to limit the damage. The last thing you want is ruined items or any structural damage to your Upper West Side building, especially if you have tenants to think about. SERVPRO can be there quickly, as We're Faster to Any Size Disaster with crews available 24/7 to get to work on your restoration project.

We Feature IICRC-Certified Technicians

When you have flood damage in the Upper West Side, you can rest assured knowing that our team has been trained via the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This means that we come armed with the skills, knowledge, and industry-proven methods to limit the loss and quickly get your building back to normal.

Available Around the Clock

Storms and devastation can happen at any time of day or night, so we provide flood services seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Once you call us, we arrive on the scene in as little as a few hours to:

  • Assess your building, locating the point(s) of entry for the flood water
  • Put a perimeter in place to limit the tracking of moisture and debris into other areas of the building
  • Begin extraction of the water and work to repair any damage where water was coming in
  • Commence drying efforts, including dehumidification to restore relative humidity levels to normal
  • Deodorize and sanitize all surfaces using cleaning products approved by the EPA
  • Restore and clean any furnishings or content that was affected
  • Ensure everything is back to pre-flood condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Call (917) 498-1362 to have SERVPRO of Upper West Side work on your flood damage needs. We address all floodwater and devastation quickly to take the burden off of your shoulders.

How Can I Remove Odors from My Manhattan Apartment After a Fire?

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help" We understand the need for rapid response to minimize the loss of your property after a fire occurs. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

With professional equipment and products, our SERVPRO team can manage odor issues in smaller apartment units. 

The confined spaces of even the larger Manhattan apartments that many of us own can amplify fire loss effects. Depending on the type of fire, soot and smoke residues can coat surfaces throughout the open floor plan, but the most challenging obstacles are the complete removal of odors. Not only does burning and combustion generate harsh scents in the environment, but it can impact porous surfaces and contents throughout your unit as well. 

There are multiple layers of fire restoration for Manhattan residences, and each of these actions can work towards the ultimate goals of preloss condition. While deodorization might not occur until the final stages of restoration and recovery, there are still methods of reducing these threats' severity and presence during mitigation. Between products and approaches, we can noticeably lessen the noxious scents lingering in the apartment and ideally prevent these odors from penetrating shared walls and affecting neighboring properties. Some of the ways to accomplish this include:

  • Counteracting Beads
  • Deodorant Granules
  • Water-Based Odor Counteractants
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Hydroxyl generators during the cleanup stage

What Tools Are Best for Deodorization? 

While deodorization might be among the final restoration tasks that we complete, the sciences behind the elimination or neutralization of odor molecules are advanced. The process itself often requires multiple types of deodorizing tools, especially when varying materials are involved. Most often, thermal and ULV fogging with a potent counteractant can eliminate environmental scents and those trapped in porous materials like drywall, cabinets, carpets, and subflooring. Also, our SERVPRO team can use more advanced techniques, including ozone generation and hydroxyl radicals, to address odor and contaminant concerns as well. 

As intrusive as odors can be after a fire, you can count on our SERVPRO of Upper West Side team to help. We have advanced technologies and tools to make it "Like it never even happened." Give us a call today at (917) 498-1362.

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Will Fire Damage Restoration Eliminate Smoke Residue Odors from My Manhattan Apartment?

8/29/2020 (Permalink)

smoke and fire damaged home Call (917) 498-1362 to discuss your options for smoke odor eradication.

We Vow to Eradicate Malodors No Matter How Persistent, Why SERVPRO Has Many Strategies to Deodorize Residences During Fire Damage Restoration in Manhattan

Smells, pleasant and unpleasant, are a part of life, but some events increase the possibility of a stench pervading your Manhattan home. Even a thorough clean up of debris and residues after a household fire can leave malodors lingering. Especially tenacious are the rancid smells resulting from a kitchen fire. Are there solutions to this distressing problem, or will your home smell like a fire scene forever?

What Is the Definition of an Odor?
Working toward an answer for any problem requires an understanding of the challenge, and the odors that resist fire damage restoration in Manhattan are no exception. Odors are volatile molecules, which means they eventually “evaporate” and disappear. The speed at which this diminishing and vanishing occurs varies, and if the source of the odor remains, additional molecules holding the scent continue to circulate in your home.

What Are Barriers to Removing Fire Damage-Based Odors?
The process of eliminating fire damage-related odors can be difficult. The hurdles to a swift and sure solution include:

    •    Uncertainty about the location of the odor source
    •    Uncertainty about which of many odor control methods finally eliminated one or more of the smells
    •    Migration of tiny odor-bearing particles into cracks, crevices, and home contents
    •    Differences in the perception of an odor -- why SERVPRO technicians listen to customers who still perceive an odor others feel has disappeared. We continue to work on elimination because research establishes that every person perceives the volatile molecules differently.
    •    Phantosmia is an extreme “difference” in perception, defined as an olfactory hallucination -- smoky smells being among the most common.

Enough Theory -- How Do Fire Damage Restoration and Deodorization Technicians Remove or Control an Odor?
Proprietary Products

Masking and Odor Absorbing Agents

    •    Odor Counteracting Beads -- The porous “beads” are permeated with a solvent-based counteractant that distracts from the unpleasant smell. The goal is to allow the alternative smell to remain long enough to permit the volatile molecules to dissipate. These beads are often deposited into a container to avoid softening or dissolving of paints or plastic surfaces. We might place them in an HVAC air intake area to disperse throughout your living quarters.
    •    Deodorant Granules or Pellets -- Deodorizing granules or pellets absorb odors using a mineral substance called Fullers Earth.
    •    Water-Based Odor Counteractants -- This product is available as a concentrate to mix into water or cleaning solutions. It neutralizes a wide range of odors, replacing the bad smell with a pleasant aroma during a wipe down or while cleaning.
    •    Water-Based Wet Mist Deodorizers -- This fluid is premixed and applied with a ULV mister. The superfine mist or fog permits the deodorizer to penetrate cracks and crevices and porous structures where smoke odor-bearing soot particles have sifted down and settled. Exhaust fans can be used after a few hours to facilitate the removal of airborne odors. Injection devices can use these deodorizers to treat hard to reach materials like carpet padding.
    •    Water or Solvent-Based Thermal Fog Deodorizers -- This blend of aromatic phenolics, odor counteractants, and fragrances in a solvent base is combusted in a heat chamber and dispensed throughout an odiferous space as a fog. The tiny fog particles recreate the conditions of the fire and pair with and neutralize odor-bearing soot particles.

Sealants -- Alcohol-based shellac or acrylic coatings encapsulate odor residues absorbed into porous building materials that continue to vaporize and cause issues. We use it as a last resort when other methods prove ineffective.

What Types of Equipment Help with Fire Odor Control and Elimination?
Ventilation equipment and pressure sprayers, thermal and Ultra Low Volume (ULV) misters or foggers, and personal protective equipment (PPE) is used by our technicians when using the preceding proprietary products. We use additional innovative machines and equipment if deep cleaning is inadequate for odor elimination:

    •    Vaportek units seal natural oils within a membrane. The oils volatilize as air currents pass through the membrane. Vaportek molecules neutralize odor molecules upon contact.
    •    Air scrubbers use negative pressure (suction) to seal edges of partitioned spaces and force contaminants, including odor-bearing particles, through HEPA filters before venting outdoors.
    •    Ozone generators eliminate odors as the machine generates ozone, an unstable gas composed of oxygen molecules containing three oxygen atoms. A chemical reaction oxidizes residues to remove smells.
    •    Photocatalytic oxidizers (hydroxyl generators) use ultraviolet (UV) rays to produce hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl radicals immediately oxidize and break down malodors into carbon dioxide and water.

Elimination of odors must be part of fire damage restoration for you to be confident enough to say the result is, “Like it never even happened.” The tools, techniques, and training we possess are why SERVPRO of Upper West Side delivers a malodor-free result. Call (917) 498-1362 to discuss your options for smoke odor eradication.

How Can I Tell Where the Water Damage is in My Manhattan Home?

8/16/2020 (Permalink)

water leaking from a white pipe Water damage can ruin your apartment and even the apartment below yours. Call SERVPRO for water mitigation and remediation services.

SERVPRO technicians bring advanced detection equipment into your Manhattan home to locate hidden water

When a water-damaging incident happens in a property in The City, you cannot see all areas that need cleanup without help. Water runs quickly behind walls, seeps under flooring, and may even drip into the level below by way of the floor joists. If it does not get removed and the area dried quickly, there can be a further loss to the structure and contents.

How Can Moisture Detection Equipment Help with Water Mitigation?  

Locating the water damage in your Manhattan home during water mitigation does not have to lead to an additional loss. The use of moisture detection devices has benefits such as:  

  • No destruction to building materials because the different types of equipment allow SERVPRO techs to peer behind sheetrock and under floors
  • Scoping of difficult to reach spots such as high ceilings
  • Inspecting a loss area quickly through the use of devices such as infrared cameras cuts the time needed
  • Understanding the complications from common walls and floors in multi-family units

Used in tandem with moisture meters, the technicians can quickly ascertain the true perimeters of the water damaged area and set up a rapid action plan for extraction of the water using their professional equipment and drying the structure completely.

SERVPRO techs use their equipment to monitor the drying process and ensure that the preset drying goals get reached. This attention to the air moisture levels inhibits the potential for problems that can arise from inadequate drying such as mold and musty odors that can require costly remediation. After drying, the techs confirm through the use of their array of equipment that the loss area is dry.

For fast and thorough water mitigation, contact SERVPRO of Upper West Side at (917) 498-1362. Our technicians bring advanced equipment and experience in all types of water cleanup and restoration to help homeowners lessen the loss and get life back to normal. 

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How Can SERVPRO Tools Remove Condo Flooding?

8/7/2020 (Permalink)

heavy rain and lightning on blue background Should your condo flood, call SERVPRO! We are always available to take your call!

Disaster Mitigation Specialists Perform Upper West Side Residential Flood Damage Cleanup 

Flood damage is a very present concern in many New York State areas, including the Upper West Side. According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) data, as of June 2020, only 21% of flood insurance policies cover condominiums. 

If you find flood damage in your Upper West Side condo, SERVPRO can begin the cleanup process within your initial contact hours. 

What Tools Does SERVPRO Use for Flood Damage Mitigation? 

  • EPA-registered sanitation products.SERVPRO has access to over 100 proprietary cleaning solutions to address concerns related to floods, such as mold growth, chemical runoff, and stains from inks, dyes, and furniture finishes.
  • Commercial-grade moisture extraction tools.Gas-powered sump pumps, portable and truck-mounted extraction units, and small scale moisture extraction wands are all designed to remove large amounts of water and accelerate the structural drying process by as much as 500%.
  • Alternative power sources.If flooding has affected your property’s access to electricity, SERVPRO can provide power sources for operating equipment.
  • Odor control solutions.SERVPRO has access to industrial-strength foggers, HEPA filter vacuums, and odor-counteractant products that address a broad array of unpleasant odors related to home flooding. 

How Can SERVPRO Restore Your Belongings After a Flood? 

SERVPRO teams can perform a pack-out to remove your possessions from a flood-damaged property, take them to a SERVPRO warehouse, and preserve them for restoration. Items are documented, packed, and sorted room by room. Homeowners and insurance adjusters keep up to date through the entirety of the pack-out process. 

SERVPRO technicians have the means to sanitize and deodorize many items. Some belongings, however, may require particular types of expertise to prevent property loss. SERVPRO frequently employs the services of such professionals as: 

  • Electronics restoration techs
  • Document restoration specialists
  • Dry cleaners
  • Furniture refinishers
  • Art restorers       

SERVPRO of Upper West Side provides emergency-response services that are Faster to Any Size Disaster. Get the assistance you need by calling (917) 498-1362. 

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Do I Need a Special Kind of Disaster Recovery Company to Help Me with Flooding Affecting My Upper West Side Apartment?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

water flooding a wood floor in an apartment building Floods can damage your belongings even if you live in an apartment or condo. Contact SERVPRO for flood and storm damage remediation services.

Your Local SERVPRO Adapts to Meet Your Needs Where You Live -- When You Reach Out for Flood Damage Assistance on the Upper West Side We Will Be Ready

Single-family homes are not the norm on the Upper West Side, so reputable flooding recovery firms must invest in training and equipment that deliver results in densely populated, multi-family, multi-story home buildings. The research-based theories and best practices taught by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) apply to damage in a high-rise. Still, the approach must consider the challenges of removing water and drying out the property when there are equipment accessibility hurdles.

I Live Many Stories Above the Street -- What Kind of Flood Damage Will I Reasonably Have?

You might feel impervious to flood damage on the Upper West Side, but you will feel the flooding effects even if it does not flow directly inside your apartment or condo. Many systems that provide heating, cooling, plumbing, and transport (elevators) base their operations in the lower levels of your multi-level building. If contaminated water interferes with these systems' workings, you and your neighbors experience immediate cessation of electricity and climate controls. Elevators cannot run without electricity, so you are either stuck in your unit or forced to use stairways that can have flooding issues of their own the closer you get to the bottom.

What About My Storage Areas? Will They Flood?

If you use assigned rooms or containers in the lower levels of your apartment, condo, or brownstone, unfortunately, the chances are excellent that your belongings will absorb flood water in the Upper West Side. One of the benefits of hiring SERVPRO to manage that crisis is our ability to pack-out items and evaluate and restore them away from the confusion caused by many other residents dealing with similar issues. We use a system that provides a digitized record of the items we pack out -- the Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS). We track articles through:

  • Written lists
  • Digital photos
  • Barcoding

The records are saved to a digital file and permit our specially trained contents technicians to document the process from assessment through mitigation and remediation interventions, arriving finally at either an acceptable return to function and appearance or a decision to discard an item because of intractable damage. Our documentation helps when you seek coverage from your insurance company. Restoration interventions found at our production facility include:

  • Industrial wash and drying systems for textiles and soft items
  • Freeze-drying technology for papers and photos
  • Immersion and ultrasonic tanks to loosen grime and pathogens carried by the flood waters and now coating loose items
  • Small drying chambers for electronics and furnishings where we can monitor and manipulate air movement, temperature, and humidity
  • EPA-registered cleaning and disinfection products 
  • Deodorization products and innovative equipment that can eliminate persistent odors 
    • Ozone machines
    • Fogging machines
    • Hydroxyl generators

What If Exterior Storm Damage Makes Its Way Inside,  Even Many Stories Above the Street?

Broken windows and poorly configured or damaged drainage systems can offload torrential rains into your living space. Leaks around windows and exterior doors leading to balconies or decks can cause significant damage even if the glass remains intact. How can we help with this challenge?

  • A project manager arrives to assess for any safety issues
  • We are on the lookout for water in ceiling or wall cavities which can cause structural collapse
  • If found, we use controlled demolition techniques like punching weep holes or cutting holes into or taking sections of walls out to access trapped water
  • If you live on the first three floors, truck-mounted extractors can remove water
  • Higher elevations require our technicians to use one or many portable (backpack) extractors to remove fluids
  • One of our highly trained technicians uses detection and metering devices to trace the perimeter of the water incursion and test materials for water absorption levels.
  • The moisture measurements inform our drying goals
  • Air movers and dehumidifiers facilitate the evaporation of moisture from building materials and into the air where we capture it for disposal

Flood damage in your apartment or condominium building affects your life in ways you might not expect. The scenario is tricky to mitigate and remediate, but SERVPRO of Upper West Side has the skilled technicians and equipment to get it managed quickly and successfully. Give us a call at (917) 498-1362 to discover what we can do to help you during this difficult time.

My Industrial Building In Upper West Side Has Flooding, Can I Salvage Everything Inside?

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property SERVPRO of Upper West Side is your answer when you need help with flood damage in your commercial space.

SERVPRO Handles Commercial Flood Damage Quickly and Effectively, Salvaging Everything Possible Within Your Upper West Side Building

Nobody ever wants to deal with a natural disaster resulting in flooding, but these events happen fast and without warning. SERVPRO is ready to spring into action to cover any water-related emergency at your Upper West Side industrial property. Our trained water restoration technicians (WRT) know that every second counts. This is why our team works rapidly to ensure you get back to business regardless of the scope of the flooding.

Why Should I Call SERVPRO to Handle Flood Restoration?

When you contact our team for flood damage in your Upper West Side commercial property, we will be there within hours to get started. You can count on us to:

•    Understand the characteristics of flood damage: We locate the cause or entry point of the flooding and begin the cleanup and content management. We address the root cause for the issue and start salvaging whatever possible while marking off a flood zone to limit water migration.
•    Handle the water damage with skill and precision: We have powerful extraction tools to bring up the water and high-volume desiccant dehumidifiers to manage moisture within the environment. We control the contamination and put a plan of action into place for repair or replacement of unsalvageable building materials
•    Take care of content and document recovery: Our crew knows how essential documents and contents are within your industrial building. We can work on cleaning items on-site or remove them to be restored at our secure facility. Everything is meticulously inventoried and put back into place once the restoration is complete.

SERVPRO of Upper West Side is your answer when you need help with flood damage in your commercial space. Call us 24/7 at (917) 498-1362, and we send out a Green Fleet equipped with all the tools and products to get the job done quickly and efficiently.