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Residential and Commercial Upper West Side Fire Damage Restoration Needed?

1/25/2023 (Permalink)

ERP on smart phone Rely on SERVPRO's ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan to prevent or mitigate fire damage in Upper West Side Properties

SERVPRO Offers Options for Dealing with Smoke and Fire Damage in the Upper West Side

When Upper West Side property owners face the consequences of a fire damaged home or business, a disaster restoration firm trained and experienced in both water and fire damage restorations is critical. The effects of professional firefighting efforts are at once humbling and dismaying. Fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and the New York Fire Department thankfully stop the heat and flames. Unfortunately, quelling the fire in an apartment, townhome, restaurant, or retail space also unleashes the destructive power of chemical de-accelerants and water on building materials and contents, exacerbating the harm done to the property.

Why Choose SERVPRO from Among Disaster Recovery Companies Serving the Upper West Side for Smoke and Fire Damage Remediation?

Seamless movement through all phases necessary to recover from a fire crisis is vital to restore the safety and comfort of your home's environment or the unimpeded operation of your business. SERVPRO invests in worker training to ensure our team of Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) also hold certification as Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT). S500 explains details and guidelines for fire damage mitigation.

The ease with which crews can respond to every eventuality, including preliminary water removal followed by the fire damage mitigation and remediation required, sets SERVPRO apart. Upper West Side property owners need not find, interview, and hire a series of contractors as SERVPRO is a proven and well-equipped industry leader in all restoration disciplines.

Should Upper West Side Property Owners and Building Managers Consider Collaboration on a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP)?

Our proactive Emergency READY Profile (ERP) is unique to SERVPRO's smoke and fire damage response.  Long before a fire breaks out, invite an experienced SERVPRO project manager to assess commercial or residential properties. An ERP consolidates into a concise digital document the information needed for professional water and fire damage restoration crews to respond to a disaster efficiently and mindfully. A mobile app allows customers to add details and clarify priorities. The ERP delineates:

  • Residential or commercial property space layouts, including locations of utility shut-offs
  • A robust fire damage restoration agenda, limiting the need for intensive assessment before implementation of emergency services for water damage and smoke remediation
  • Appointment of trusted individuals to request help and direct fire damage recovery if owners or managers are unavailable at the time of the first disaster call

Many owners of residential units depend on building management to respond to fire damage and water restoration. SERVPRO's ERP is an excellent way to get all responsible parties informed and in agreement before a catastrophic event occurs. Let’s prevent that fire damage from even happening.

Residential and commercial property owners rely with confidence on SERVPRO of Upper West Side for smoke and fire damage restoration and cleanup. Call (347) 252-9440 for immediate assistance or explore preplanning for a fire or other disaster.

Upper West Side Top-Tier Water Damage Mitigation

1/25/2023 (Permalink)

tech vacuuming wet corridor in building SERVPRO WRT water and damage restoration technicians utilize advanced equipment to mitigate damage in Upper West Side buildings--both large and small.

SERVPRO Provides Rapid Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration for Upper West Side Premises

Water damage occurrences on the Upper West Side disrupt the luxurious lifestyle of residents and interrupt the operations of high-end businesses serving the community. The provision of emergency services to these sumptuous properties faces various complications from the multiple uses of the elegant brownstone and other townhouses, condominiums, and apartments that soar four, five, and even dozens of stories over Manhattan, often overlooking Central Park or the Hudson River.

Advanced training and broadly based certification in industry best practices prepare SERVPRO water remediation crews for the rigors of water damage mitigation in Upper West Side mid and high-rise buildings. Fully stocked service vehicles arrive swiftly accompanied by experienced project manager-led crews familiar with the obstacles presented during the provision of urban water damage removal services and the understandably stringent expectations of property owners.

What Constitutes Common Upper West Side Water Damage Repair Scenarios?

Elegant buildings possessing pedigrees extending back to the Upper West Side building boom of 1885 through the early 1930s can suffer from aging plumbing and previously inadequately completed water damage repairs. The occupant density, whether in historic brownstones or mid-20th or 21st-century skyscrapers, contributes to the risk of significant water damage exposure migration throughout a building housing many units. Owners who update and maintain their properties can still suffer from water damaging incursions spreading through structural components from neighboring residents and businesses traced to:   

  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Basement flooding cleanup (affecting storage areas and building-wide utility systems)
  • Sewage cleanup

How Does SERVPRO Approach and Adapt Water Damage Restoration Protocols to Meet Upper West Side Challenges?

Expert assessment precedes rapid provision of emergency services, water damage technicians poised to secure properties and commence water removal services immediately after the project manager gives the nod. Unique circumstances affecting the exclusive boutiques and upscale residences in the neighborhood include:

  • Water Damage to irreplaceable, historic building materials and fixtures
  • Harm to artworks, one-of-a-kind retail inventory, antique furnishings, and more
  • Owner preference for the highest caliber response, including conforming to an array of special requests
  • Difficulties posed by the distance needing navigation from the water damage to restoration equipment

The SERVPRO team is prepared to reach and restore commercial and residential water damage stories above the city streets and in confined areas. Research-proven strategies remediate everything affected by moisture from building materials to rare artifacts. Our inventory of water pumps, truck-mounted, and portable water extractors, and structural drying equipment delivers outstanding outcomes, facilitated by reliable and skilled Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained technicians. An off-site production facility offers specialized evaluation, mitigation, and remediation of water-damaged contents, including access to additional and innovative resources if indicated.

Residential and commercial owners desiring fast and expert water damage restoration services to make losses “Like it never even happened,” ensure successful outcomes by calling SERVPRO of Upper West Side at (347) 252-9440.

Why Upper West Side Property Owners Hire Professional Mold Damage Contractors?

1/25/2023 (Permalink)

what to know about mold info SERVPRO provides professional-grade mold remediation for Upper West Side Properties, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Mold Damage Specialists Remediate Upper West Side Homes and Businesses

Finding evidence of fungal growth in an Upper West Side property might feel discouraging, but developments in mold damage remediation, when implemented appropriately, succeed in bringing infestations under control. Perhaps most encouraging, the most effective mold damage remediators have backgrounds in water damage restoration, why SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) are an excellent fit for mold damage abatement.

What Skills Do SERVPRO Mold Damage Remediation Technicians in Upper West Side Possess?

SERVPRO crews understand the connection between moisture and mold damage, arranging for the elimination of the sources of water damage. Ensuring that wet materials receive thorough applied structural drying is essential, and SERVPRO has both the cutting-edge equipment and trained technicians to deliver this result. Crew members also earn certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT).

What Types of Mold Damage Interventions Are the Focus on the Upper West Side?

Mold can grow where moisture lingers. SERVPRO answers calls for:

  • Attic Fungi Removal
  • Bathroom Fungi Removal
  • Black Mold Damage Repairs

What Is the EPA Protocol for Mold Damage Remediation?

The EPA researched, developed, and codified a Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings Guide. The resource continuously updates as new information and methods become available. The protocol includes:

Locating the mold damaging colonies afflicting the property

  • Often guided by observations of building occupants, both visual and olfactory (views of mold colonies, staining when mold hides in building cavities, and the distinctive musty malodor of mold growth)
  • Supplemented by mold testing by a third-party specialist if the need indicates
  • Supported by moisture detection and metering as mold spores do not germinate without the presence of water

Containing the mold damaged affected area employing:

  • 6 polyethylene barriers wrapping and enclosing the mold removal work areas, often with staging areas and entry “locks” that assist technicians in avoiding tracking moldy materials into unaffected spaces in the home or business
  • Negative pressure air scrubbing equipment that clears the contained atmosphere by forcing airborne contaminants through HEPA filters before exhausting to the outdoors
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn by technicians for safety and to limit any disbursement of spores or fragments of colonies

Removal by mechanical means:

  • Brushing, scraping, and scrubbing on non-porous surfaces
  • Gentle blasting, using abrasives like soda or dry ice, of porous materials to remove active growth and incapacitate the hyphae (root-like protrusions) deeply embedded in structural components like drywall or wood
  • Collection, bagging, and lawful disposal of mold-damaged materials, including HEPA-filtered vacuuming and wipe-downs
  • Application of EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit mold rebound

Trust the inspections, remediations, and mold damage interventions offered by SERVPRO of Upper West Side. One call to (347) 252-9440 helps home and business owners understand the most effective way to manage current and ongoing mold growth concerns.

SERVPRO Performs Storm Water Cleanup in Upper West Side

1/24/2023 (Permalink)

Cabinets Post Mitigation Call SERVPRO at (917) 498-1362 for assistance from a professional remediation company.

Storm Water Cleanup in Upper West Side Demands Expertise

Even though the occurrence of storms has a degree of predictability, it's impossible to accurately predict their effects on houses. Even the homeowners who have undertaken every safety measure possible sometimes find themselves in situations where the storm is too strong to withstand. This causes the stormwater to enter the house, which has devastating effects not only on the contents that come in contact with the water but also on the structural integrity of the whole building. 

Timely intervention is crucial since giving the water more time to stand in your house worsens the damage. Upon finding yourself in such a predicament, you should contact SERVPRO to perform stormwater cleanup on your Upper West Side property. Our team comprises well-trained, equipped, and licensed technicians to handle cleanups of any size. 

Upon arriving at the scene, our initial inspection helps us determine the scope of the damage. This way, our SERVPRO team can take the best action and advise you on the costs while documenting the restoration process for easier insurance claims.

One of the pieces of equipment that SERVPRO uses during stormwater cleanup is the portable extractor. We use it when removing water from the affected house's flooring. Some of the features that make it vital are:

  • It offers easy access to restricted areas of the building. 
  • Its variable heat control system allows more effective cleaning by heating rinse and cleaning solutions.
  • A solution tank and pump allow for the effective carriage and spreading of cleaning products.
  • A vacuum system helps in removing moisture and soil from surfaces, which it collects in its waste recovery tank.

At SERVPRO, we ensure our customers are satisfied, which means we pay attention to their concerns and handle them accordingly. Our entire process is geared towards making a great impression on our clients by doing high-quality cleanup work.

Don't let stormwater destroy your house. Contact SERVPRO of Upper West Side for help at (917) 498-1362. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why SERVPRO Prevents Mold Damage of Homes in the Upper West Side

12/27/2022 (Permalink)

 Mold Behind Wallpaper Don't let mold take control of your property. Call SERVPRO today!

It’s Easier to Prevent Mold Damage than Remediate

SERVPRO’s technicians continually learn about the latest developments in the restoration industry. Some of this additional training includes how to help customers who own Upper West Side properties affected by mold damage. Once mold infestation occurs within a residence, we know that using specific methods can reduce the likelihood of future problems involving microbes.

We use several techniques to remediate mold damage in Upper West Side homes. Some of these methods also help prevent future overgrowth. Wherever we get two benefits from performing one task, our customers save money.

Here are some ways that SERVPRO works to make mold damage less likely to happen again:

  • Application of an antimicrobial on surfaces,
  • Installation of a dehumidifier, and
  • Cleaning the ventilation system.

Antimicrobials like Concrobium kill any microbes currently on the surface treated. Then, after it has dried, it protects the material by making the area inhospitable to any newly-arriving microbes. Unable to find the sustenance they need, they either die or enter a dormant state. Because of its long-lasting effect, the antimicrobial keeps dormant microbes from becoming active.

Maintaining proper humidity levels in your home means microbes remain within reasonable population limits, and the environment stays comfortable for you and your family. Optimal humidity helps protect the home’s structure and everything you own inside. We can install a dehumidifier that is a cost-effective method of preventing mold damage to your home and its contents.

Your HVAC system can harbor mold particles and spores. Each time the system starts, the current’s force pushes any particles of mold or mildew or their spores around inside the ducts. Once loosened from the interior of the ducts, substantial amounts of microbes can enter your living space. We can clean the ductwork and the vents, eliminating mold before it can cause a problem. 

Call SERVPRO of Upper West Side at (917) 498-1362 to protect your property from mold damage, now and in the future.

Water Mitigation Approaches to Save Upper West Side Businesses

11/22/2022 (Permalink)

Water on Commercial Floor All you need is SERVPRO for all your water damage needs.

Simple Water Restoration by SERVPRO in Upper West Side

Water is one of the essential utilities in most business premises. A problem as simple as a pinhole leak or as advanced as root intrusion affecting plumbing lines can turn water into an enemy that destroys your Upper West Side property or creates uninhabitable conditions for your staff or clients. 

After discovering the intrusion, you should prioritize actions that help facilitate water mitigation at your Upper West Side property or stop the subsequent deterioration. SERVPRO helps establish the best course of action by thoroughly inspecting the affected areas.

Three Simple Mitigation Processes:

  • Move outs
  • Humidity control
  • Expediting extraction

The effects of the intruding water can be concentrated on structural areas or contents, especially stock items, furniture, and appliances. For the contents, one quick mitigation solution is doing a move-out. Our SERVPRO crews can do a pack-out or a complete move-out to an offsite warehouse, thus safeguarding your contents from moisture exposure. Our specialized skills in inventory-taking and packing not only ensure convenience but also prevent damage to valuables during relocation.

Controlling Moisture

Most negative effects like rusting, staining, or smells observed in materials are caused by moisture action. Moisture triggers microbial growth or physical changes such as swelling and accelerates material deterioration. Regulating moisture minimizes wear. Extracting any standing water from surfaces is the most recognizable regulation process. However, it is crucial to note that humidity exists in different forms, including vapor in the indoor air. 

Essential Tips for Dehumidification:

  • Balancing the number of air movers and dehumidifiers 
  • Creating containment to isolate affected areas
  • Using the right dehumidifier type

Our SERVPRO crews set up air movers to help supply sufficient air currents. The air movement boosts evaporation to dry materials faster. Since the evaporating moisture ends up in the air, dehumidifiers are necessary to extract and maintain the correct humidity levels. We can also set up plastic sheets on openings such as doors and hallways to limit humid air movement.

SERVPRO of Upper West Side has significant resources to ensure successful water mitigation at your property. Call us at (917) 498-1362. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Professional Fire Damage Restoration is Best in Upper West Side

9/27/2022 (Permalink)

Robeson Apartments SERVPRO provides quality fire damage restoration services. We are ready at a moment's notice.

Call SERVPRO to Your Upper West Side Property for Fire Damage Restoration

Once a disaster like a fire occurs on your Upper West Side property, you might not have planned how the upset and stress will impact you. Seeing your home with fire damage is scary and stressful, and you may be overloaded with emotions and worry about what to do next. Why compound the stress by trying to attempt DIY house fire cleanup? Calling in professionals is the way to go, which is why SERVPRO’s Green Fleet is ready to go whenever our area customers need us.

There are many areas where SERVPRO shines regarding fire damage restoration in Upper West Side. Why call us for fire and smoke remediation? Let’s take a look:

  • Clear Communication – The fire cleanup process is complex, especially if the damage is extensive. Our professional team keeps you informed of the plan and each phase as we move through it so that you know precisely what is happening.
  • HVAC Damage – Whenever there is fire damage and smoke infiltration, special attention must get paid to your ductwork and indoor air quality (IAQ). We formulate a focused approach to address air and filtration systems, including your HVAC. 
  • Paperwork and Other Details – If you had items lost to fire damage, SERVPRO makes a detailed list that can get submitted to your insurance company to help facilitate your claim. 

SERVPRO has seen it all

We are trained to inspect and assess, giving us details to select the best methods to handle your fire damage. We need to understand exactly what we are dealing with, which includes asking questions like:

  • What type of cleanup is required? We assess soot residues, charring, and materials burned to pick out the proper cleaning measures and deodorization tools.
  • How severe is the damage? Restoration and repair will be less expensive and time-consuming when you have primarily cosmetic damage. More involved projects will require focused manpower and specialized techniques.

Why choose us? Because we are the best in the area when you require professional fire damage restoration. Call SERVPRO of Upper West Side at (917) 498-1362 to mobilize a crew!

SERVPRO Is Fast with Water Damage Restoration in the Upper West Side

8/20/2022 (Permalink)

thermal imaging camera pointing at two windows and a wall SERVPRO uses advanced devices like thermal cameras to discover damp voids when performing water damage restoration in the Upper West Side.

What Makes SERVPRO a Trustworthy Name for Water Damage Recovery in The Upper West Side?

SERVPRO's fast service, trained team, and scientific outlook toward water damage restoration of Upper West Side properties make it a trusted name in managing any size disaster. The restoration process involves several steps that require meticulous planning for perfect execution.

One of the focal points of SERVPRO's water damage restoration process in the Upper West Side involves scoping for the extent of damage before designing a strategy. The restorers compare the moisture readings of the following five areas to gauge the severity of the problem-

  • Air in the affected area
  • Air in the unaffected area
  • The air outside the structure
  • Air coming out of the HVAC system
  • Air coming out of dehumidifying equipment

Why do SERVPRO techs use thermal imaging during water cleanup on Upper West Side?  

Thermal imaging involves using infrared cameras for inspecting and monitoring moisture in the building materials in Upper West Side homes. Technically, thermal cameras don't display moisture but infrared images produced by temperature differences on the surfaces involved. The two ways in which temperature differences are made between wet and dry surfaces include-

  •    Evaporation: When water evaporates from a wet surface, the surface cools down, resulting in a decline in temperature. When imaged using a thermal camera, these cooler areas appear in lighter colors letting the SERVPRO restorers know that the surface is still wet. 
  •    Thermal capacitance: A material can store thermal energy. As water has a high thermal capacitance, wet surfaces tend to take more time to heat up (or cool down) than dry surfaces. 

For water damage help, call SERVPRO of Upper West Side at (917) 498-1362; we are available 24/7.

We Have the Proper Techniques to Restore Your Manhattan Home After a Flood

8/20/2022 (Permalink)

drying gear at work  on a floor SERVPRO strives to preserve and restore flood-damaged elements and contents during a Manhattan service.

Crucial Steps in Managing Flood Damage Incidents in Manhattan Involving Sanitary Water

Flooding incidents cause different categories of water loss. Category-one water loss involves sanitary water, mostly when rainwater filters into the house. Typical scenarios include winds or debris opening up holes on the roof and letting in rainwater. Alternatively, driving rain can push rainwater through gaps in doors or windows. With a few crucial steps, controlling flood damage involving clean water is possible.

Protecting Contents

When flood damage incidents in Manhattan involve sanitary water, the intrusion point is usually at an elevated point, meaning no groundwater reaches the interior. Such incidents can affect more items, so they need to be protected. Suppose we find an ongoing intrusion such as arriving when it is still raining or draining water trapped in the ceiling. In that case, our SERVPRO technicians use plastic sheets to cover contents protecting them from unnecessary exposure. We also use towels to remove excess water from items and relocate materials from the floor where most collect.

Expedited Water Extraction

Extracting the standing water left after flood damage strikes help kick start restoration of the property to its preloss state. Extracting the water requires equipment with the right lift and volume capacity. A truck-mounted water extractor helps our SERVPRO crews move significant volumes of water within a short period. For minor intrusions, portable extractors are sufficient. Sometimes the floor type might influence the extraction method. For example, using towels to remove water on hardwood floors and setting up drying mats might be appropriate in some cases.

Humidity Control

Moisture build-up in the structure is common during flooding. Although the drying process starts fully after other restoration steps, including water extraction and cleaning, there is a need for humidity control before that to prevent secondary damage caused by moisture migration. Our SERVPRO crews use different approaches to provide this control, including setting up dehumidifiers or maintaining negative pressure in some areas.

Even though flooding happens unexpectedly, it is possible to manage the outcome. Call SERVPRO of Upper West Side at (347) 970-2972 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Calling for Skilled Mold Remediation is Best in the Upper West Side

8/20/2022 (Permalink)

mold visible in corner walls How to protect your Manhattan domicile after a mold infestation show up? Call SERVPRO

Restoring Your Upper West Side Brownstone Means Calling SERVPRO for Rapid Mold Remediation

Maybe you noticed some musty odors under the kitchen sink in your Upper West Side brownstone. For many property owners, this seems like an easy task to tackle. However, hitting the mold spores with cleaner and disturbing them makes matters worse. SERVPRO can set you up with professional mold inspections, remediations, and removal to take the stress and guesswork out of this project.

One important thing to remember is that you should have mold remediation in the Upper West Side performed sooner than later. Not only are you running the risk of potential health effects, but excessive moisture and mold also wreak havoc on your belongings and building materials.

Why Call on SERVPRO’s Mold Specialists?

It would help if you had remediation and meticulous black mold damage repairs to restore your interior to a safe, livable condition. Mold spores are microscopic and easily spread when disturbed. Rather than running the risk of further contamination with DIY methods, calling our team brings you the following key principles:

  • We follow health and safety protocols – Our crew concentrates on the cause of the mold infestation and how it has impacted your interior.
  • We document every aspect of the process in detail – SERVPRO always keeps detailed records of each step of our mold remediation and removal process.
  • We concentrate on controlling mold at the source – By putting up containment barriers or chambers, we can keep spores from spreading further.
  • We work on careful mold removal – With the help of vacuums, damp wiping, and HEPA filtration, our team stops mold infestations.

SERVPRO of Upper West Side is ready to go when you need us for mold remediation services. You can reach us by calling (347) 970-2972.